An eco-friendly hotel believes in counting values

Being an eco-friendly hotel means dedicating to the environment the same care and attention that we reserve for our customers. In fact, each of us must do our part, otherwise it is only a beautiful word that is otherwise sustainable. For this reason, as always, at the Best Western Plus Hotel Le Rondini, we offer our responsible and daily contribution to respect for the environment, energy saving and waste reduction.

We have joined Lifegate's Stay for the Planet project and are committed to controlling consumption and reducing environmental impact, constantly monitoring our environmental performance, improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

All our supply chain is in fact managed in full compliance with eco-compatibility, from purchases to meticulously differentiated collection, up to the reduction of water and energy consumption.

In addition, Best Western Plus Hotel Le Rondini adheres to Go.Get.Green, the special green initiative that involves hotels and customers. Because it is nice to believe, together, in the values that matter. 

- environmentally friendly products for cleaning rooms;
- use of certified and washed linen according to the international standard "UNI EN 14065";
- electronic keys that guarantee the absence of waste during the absence of the guest
- LED bulbs
- courtesy lights in the WCs controlled by presence detectors
- electric and hybrid car charging connectors to encourage travel by eco-sustainable vehicles
- double-button push-button panels in the bathrooms, to allow a considerable saving of water
- monitoring of water and energy consumption
- aerator for reducing the consumption of water in all the mixers of the common bathrooms
- separate collectors of waste and exhausted batteries
- renovation of the entire building designed to minimize heat loss
- suppliers who support to an eco-sustainable policy
- vademecum available to guests in each room containing measures to save energy during the stay (do not leave the TV on standby, unplug the charger, pay attention to the request to change towels, optimize the room temperature).

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