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The history of a time that still lives on today, in every detail

There are stories that deserve to be told in their simplicity, because they live in places forever and from one moment to the next, suddenly and without your noticing, they envelop you and take you back in time as if in a fantastic dream.

Yeah, time. We used to say that at the Best Western Plus Hotel Le Rondini in San Francesco al Campo you breathe an atmosphere out of time, but that's not enough: in this ancient farmhouse that is now a very modern hotel you breathe time itself. You live it in every detail, in every room, in every beam that holds up a dream.

It was the farmhouse of the great-grandparents of the current owners of the hotel, then the grandparents, then the parents. Until the early nineties of the twentieth century, it was still the heart of intense agricultural activity.degli anni Novanta del Novecento era ancora il cuore di un'intensa attività agricola.

But let us go back, back to the great-grandparents and even further back, where the traces of our memory are lost. The farmhouse that is now the Best Western Plus Hotel Le Rondini already appeared on Napoleonic maps of the early 19th century, so we believe we are not mistaken if we say that an early nucleus certainly dates back to the end of the previous century.

How many stories its walls could tell... The wind of the French Revolution blowing from the ridges of the Alps a stone's throw away, the passages of Napoleon's army, the echo of the Risorgimento, and so on, up to the present day. But they tell above all, those walls, the stories of the people here, the dreams, the hopes, the life immersed in nature and the changing seasons.

To become the current Best Western Plus Hotel Le Rondini, the old farmhouse went through an accurate design study, which was followed by an extraordinary restoration that kept intact the architectural features of the period and used the same materials of this fantastic land, from stone to wood, in the structure as in the fixtures and all the furnishings.

This is why we said that history, here, suddenly comes to life, immersing you in a continuous fascination and inviting you to breathe in unison with the past that still lives on in every corner. This is the case, for example, in the breakfast room, created where the farmhouse winter kitchen once was. Or in the Superior rooms, where the vats once stood and wine was made. Or in the lounge, where the flours were stored. Or in the bar room, where the cured meats that would feed the farming family all year round were made.

And the courtyard, with the outline of the ancient barn still intact: once the heart of life and work for entire families, today a meeting and relaxation place for the guests of the Best Western Plus Hotel Le Rondini. Where time is there, reminding you who you are and inviting you to breathe in every wonderful moment of life.

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